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  • Entry to a New Musical World.  You will be able to get close to a soulful style of composition that combines Peruvian rhythms with jazz harmonies. 
  • Discover the power of Improvisation which will allow you to feel the bright and powerful colors of the saxophone "singing" to you. 
  • Experience & Learn traditional Peruvian rhythms wich will enable you  to hear each rhythm clearly and understand its cultural context. 
  • Know what "Sabor" means by getting intimately engaged with the most important percussion instrument  called "The Peruvian Cajon".
  • The Highest Quality Audio.  You will receive WAV files, which is the highest form of audio possible so you can enjoy every nuance of every sound, and you can enjoy more of this new Peruvian Music. ( 4k would be the sound equivalent of WAV).
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What Musicians from Around the World are Saying About Diana...

"New ideas, beautiful sound and very good music."
-Aldo Rojas, Composer(Arequipa-Peru).

"Beautiful sonority and future musical promise"
-Richard Romero, Oboist (Arequipa-Peru).

"Natural talent to play music and a lot of sound and Power for Peruvian Music", 
-Gino Callata, Drummer (Arequipa-Peru).

"Technique, good sound and honest interpretation"
- Javier Ocampo Saxophonist (Colombia).

"Diana has the power and the tools to play very good Peruvian
- Freddy Luque, Artist (Arequipa, Peru).

"A sound of her own, excellent quality and musical interpretation."
- Lorena Rios, Saxophonist (Colombia).

"A Great sound and beautiful playing" 
- Diego Nuñez, Saxophonist (Argentina).

"Diana has an increidible and unique Peruvian style"
- Victor Carrión, Saxophonist(Argentina).

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